Why does it matter where you get your oil changed?

The goal of most cheap oil change providers is to get you in the store and on the rack so that they can sell you tires, shocks, mufflers, etc. They offer a cheap oil change below their costs knowing they will make it up on those higher priced items.  Ever wonder why it takes so long just to change the oil there?

Jenny from Frostproof says "I make the 45 minute drive to American Lube Express for a 10 minute oil change because I feel safe and secure there knowing that the guys there will not take advantage of my lack of car knowledge plus the same techs have been there for years and I've gotten to know them".

American Lube Express has served the Auburndale/Winter Haven area for over 20 years.  It was established in 1990 as an alternative to the typical garage oil change that required up to an hour wait.  Its cleanliness and courteous technicians provide an inviting atmosphere for women in particular.  Every day is Lady's Day at American Lube Express. In a recent customer survey, Trust was the number one reason that our clients return over and over.  Our trained and certified technicians explain the required maintenance of your car in an understanding way but our clients know that they do not have to know everything about their car because they Trust us to know it all and to protect them.  They know we will not recommend any service before it is due and will not overlook one either since we use a state of the art computer program to track the maintenance intervals of their vehicles.

John from Winter Haven says it best about our speed, "I just got a cup of coffee and sat down in a rocking chair on the front porch to relax a few minutes and here the guy comes telling me that my car is ready."

Society today demands everything faster because we can never seem to catch up.  With both Mom and Dad working life gets hectic.  At American Lube Express we schedule seven technicians to be on duty most of the day.  These highly trained and certified technicians move your vehicle through the process with lightening speed.  Most so called fast lubes only have two or three technicians making it impossible to serve you quicklyespecially without mistakes.  Convenience is assured since no appointment is necessary and we feel your need for speed.  At American Lube Express 25 items are serviced to insure that you have reliable transportation.  This thorough inspection is much more than just an oil change and it is necessary to make your car last a lot longer, be the most reliable and need the least amount of repairs.

American Lube Express offers many brands of bulk oil such as Pennzoil, Valvoline, Chevron, Amsoil, and Rotella.  Our purpose is to put the customer's needs first, not ours. Franchised businesses are required to sell a particular brand of oil and they charge more for any other brand.  We offer the best price of any so call fast lubes.  We only offer Premium Products whether it is oil or filters.  We control our quality and pricing; not a franchised corporate office in another state.  We believe that if we take care of our clients they will ultimately take care of us.  Also since we are not forced to contribute to a national advertising campaign or pay franchise fees, our prices are the best in the area.

You do the math!